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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Who says you can't go home again?

My husband and I have moved quite a bit since we met. Our first apartment was cozy, but after only a few months there, we moved to a new apartment in a city 100 miles away. A year later, we bought our very first house for a steal. That was a nice little house. A great starter home. Then I got pregnant with Charlie and we decided it was best to move back home, closer to our families. We moved back into a brand new townhouse. But 2 years later when we got pregnant again, we realized we were growing out of the townhouse. So we moved into a ranch house, which has been nice, but not really our "home".

So we have finally found our "home", after all these years. This is our dream home. It is breathtaking and one that I am actually giddy over. We have been through it a few times (construction is still not done yet) and each time, we get more and more excited. We plan to raise our kids in this home and play with our grandkids in this home. It's funny how a house can have such an impact on such a practical person like me, but here I am, awestruck. We once called "home" the houses we grew up in. And now, we are ready to go "home" again.

Moving 6 times...hundreds of thousands of dollars
Never EVER giving up on your dreams...Priceless