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Friday, March 27, 2009

Weis Deals week of 3/26

There are a lot of BOGOs this week. Using coupons with these sales is a great way to build your stockpile!

Chex Mix or Bugles Snacks-selected 7.5-8.75 oz.
Price: BOGO ($2.09)
Coupon: $1/2 from inserts
Total: $0.55 each

Light & Fluffy Egg Noodles12 oz.
Price: 4/$5
Coupon: $0.50/2 from insert
Total: $0.75 each

Wish-Bone Salad Dressings or Spritzers-7 or 16 oz.
Price: 3/$5
Coupon: $0.75/1 from insert
Total: $0.67 each

2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1.25 or 3.5 oz.
Price: BOGO ($2.79)
Coupon: $1/1 from insert
Total: $0.90 each

Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover-14 or 22 oz.
Price: BOGO ($4.85)
Coupon: (2) $1/1
Total: $1.43 each

General Mills Apple Cinnamon or Multi-Grain Cheerios-12.8 or 12.9 oz.
Price: BOGO ($3.29)
Coupon: $1/2 printable from a few weeks ago
Total: $1.15 each (I will only buy cereal when I can get it for $1, but if you are in need of it, this is pretty good, even if you don't have the coupon)

Lysol Products: Toilet Bowl Cleaner-24 oz.; Wipes-28 or 35 ct., Kitchen Spray-22 oz., All Purpose Cleaner-4 oz. identical item only
Price: BOGO ($2.07)
Coupon: Various Lysol coupons from inserts
Total: As low as $0.54 each

Sparkle Paper Towels - 3 rolls
Price: BOGO ($3.85)
Coupon: $1/1 from insert
Total:$ 1.43 each ($0.48 per roll)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheap Leapster Games at Target 3/29-4/4

Target has Leapster games on sale next week for $15. Use the printable $5/1 coupon to get them for $10 each. These are normally $25-$30 each, so this is a great bargain! Perfect for those Easter baskets!

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Giant Deals Week of 3/22

Here are some notable deals at Giant this week. Don't forget to cut out your Dollar Doublers from the ad this week!

Knorr-Lipton Sides
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $1/3 from insert + dollar doubler
Total: $0.33 each

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers - 12 oz.
Price: $5/4 (must buy 5)
Coupon: $1/1 printable (BettyCrocker.com from a few weeks ago)
Total: -$0.20 (money maker!)

Olivio - 15oz.
Price: $2.25
Coupon: $1/1 from insert + dollar doubler
Total: $0.25

Marcal Napkins
Price: 2/$4
Coupon: $1/1 from insert + dollar doubler
Total: FREE

Smart Ones
Price: 6/$10
Coupon: $1/5 printable + dollar doubler
Total: $1.05 each

Johnson Kids Band aids
Price: 10/$10
Coupon: $1/1 from inserts
Total: FREE

Coffee Mate
Price: $2
Coupon: $1.50/1 printable
Total: $0.50 each

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weis Deals week of 3/19

There are not many deals this week. Here are 2 that caught my eye.

Kellogg’s Special K Cereal-selected 5.2-14 oz. MUST BUY 4; all others $2.50
Price: 4/$8
Coupon: $1/1 from insert
Total: $1 each
*Buy 3 Kellogg's cereals, get a FREE gallon of milk, 2 FREE gallons wyb 5, and 3 FREE gallons wyb 7.

Ball Park Meat Franks-reg., Lites, Bun-Size, Singles, or Turkey Franks 12.8-16 oz.
Price: B1G1FREE ($3.99)
Coupon: $1/2 from insert
Total: $1.50 each

Don't forget, you can always order coupons on ebay very inexpensively. This is a good way to stock up on essentials like these!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Jergen's Naturals Hydrate Moisturizer

I received new Jergen's Naturals Hydrate moisturizer from Jergen's to try out and let people know how I liked it. So, without further ado, here is my review.

The day I received it in the mail was the first time I had ever seen this product. I hadn't noticed it at my grocery or drug store. Even if I had, I am not sure I would have purchased it as it costs about $8. Without a great sale and a high-value coupon, I never would have bought this product. I would have missed out...

The first thing I noticed, and liked, was that it is made with 92% natural ingredients. This prompted me to think about all of the chemicals I was routinely putting into my body with the products I already had. Something I rarely thought about was that chemicals can be absorbed into the body from things like lotions. I have more recently begun to try to use natural products both in and on my body. So the fact that this particular moisturizer was mostly natural appealed to me.

So, I put the full sized bottle in my bathroom right on the vanity so I would be sure to use it whenever I was there. I first used the moisturizer right out of the shower and my first reaction was, "Wow, this stuff smells great!" As I smoothed it on, I noticed how soft it was making my skin. I just wanted to keep putting more and more on! As I went about my business, I realized that my skin felt great all day. By the end of the day, my skin still felt moisturized, not dry and scaly as it usually does.

I would highly recommend Jergen's Naturals Hydrate moisturizer. With over 90% natural ingredients, it fits the bill for anyone trying to reduce chemical use. Also, it has the power to moisturize even the driest skin. Finally, it smells great!

Don't let the price stop you from purchasing this moisturizer. The bottle is huge. I've had it for about a month and it's still more than half full after daily usage. It really is a great value.

Definitely try this product for yourself!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weis Deals week of 3/5

A few good deals at Weis Markets this week.

4-Day Sale Thurs., March 5-March 8
$1.69/lb Boneless Pork Loins-LIMIT 2 w/ a $25 purchase
$3.95/lb California Navel Oranges-8 lb bag-LIMIT 2 w/ a $25 purchase
$2.99/lb Farmland Cooked Ham & Weis American Cheese-LIMIT 2 lbs w/ a $25 purchase
$0.99 Tastykake Family Packs 8-12.75 oz. LIMIT 2 w/ a $25 purchase
$0.99 Weis Ice Cream-56 oz. LIMIT 2 w/ a $25 purchase

Totino’s Pizza Rolls-7.5 oz.
Price: $1
$1/2 from insert
Total: $0.50 each

Gorton's Seafood

Price: $2 off at checkout (instant savings) wyb 2 (on sale for 40% off)
Coupon: $1/2 from insert

Hillshire Farm Sausage-14 or 16 oz. ($3.99)
Price: B1G1FREE
Coupon: $1/2 from insert
Total: $1.50 each

Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes-Dark Chocolate or Family Fudge-18.3 or 19.9 oz.
Price: $1
Coupon: $0.55/1 from insert
Total: FREE